I’m capable of anything

I'm capable of anything

Check Maite’s look here


Outfit: The Secret Store @C88

Shoes: Garbaggio Shoe Addict @TheArcade


Hors: Zenith Muted Coven@C88

Necklace: Zenith Muted Coven@C88

Harness: Pixicat Bastet @TheArcade

Bat: Birdy Hocus Pocus @TheArcade

Bock: Birdy Hocus Pocus @TheArcade


Building,Shelfs,Coffee table,Curtains,Carpet,Armchair,Wall Lamp,Lamp: 8f8 StoryTeller Burrow @TheArcade

Junkpile,Lamp(left),Suitcases,Pentagram,Musicbox,Web: DRD Mystery Mansion @TheArcade

Vacuum Mount,Cauldron,Owlie: Birdy Hocus Pocus@TheArcade

Mannequin: David Heater @TheArcade

Cats,Bastet chair: Pixicat Bastet @TheArcade

Pegasus: Vespertine @TheArcade

Globe: Tarte Dear September @TheArcade

I'm capable of anything 2


Hair: Fiore Fka Fiction

Mesh Head: Lelutka

Skin: It Girls

Body: Maitreya Lara Mesh Body


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