Wildest Dreams

Wildest Dreams


Dress: Zenith @K9

Socks: Fri. Cozy @C88

Boots: Fri. Ingrid @K9


Scarf: Dami Winter Mulffler @WayMarket

Rings: Luxe Hipsta @K9

Horns: C’est la vie Blythe Star Antler @KiraKira


Hair: Truth Louisa

Body: Maitreya Lara Mesh Body


Building: affaire @6th Republic
Bed Desk: affaire @6th Republic
Sofa: affaire @6th Republic
Battleshots: affaire @6th Republic
Coffee Table: affaire @6th Republic
Dartboard clock decor: affaire @6th Republic
Globe: affaire @6th Republic
Wall Art: Commoner @6th Republic
Gallery Shelf: Commoner @6th Republic
Cupcackes: {BE} @6th Republic
Burger&French Fries: {BE} @6th Republic
Laptop: affaire @6th Republic
Stool: {BE} @6th Republic
Do What You Want (paint): keke @6th Republic
Nothing Really Matters (paint): keke @6th republic
Wall Safe: xin + toro @6th Republic
Money Briefcase: xin + toro @6th Republic
Bulletin Board: xin + toro @6th Republic
Candles: Brixley @LTD
Gas heather: floorplan @LTD
Xmas Tree: N4RS @LTD
Coocoo: N4RS @LTD
Crystal Pendants: keke @K9
White Chair: keke @K9
Curtains+Lights: Toro @K9
Carpet: Concept @K9
Beer Fridge: six o’clock @Cosmo
Vintage Pink Tube: six o’clock @Cosmo
Lamp: Glam Affair @C88


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