Collabor88 Blogger Search 2016

Collabor88 Blogger Search 2016.jpg


Sweater: Tres Blah Cropped Sweatshirt

Skirt:Tres Blah Full Skirt

Shoes: Hucci Upland Wedge


Glasses: Yummy Fragmented Shades

Gun: Spirit @C88

Necklace 1: Swallow Lock of Love @FlowerPower

Necklace 2: Swallow Key of Love @FlowerPower


Hair: Lamb Seafoam

Hair: Skin: Vco

Lips: Vco


Building: Ariskea – Petite Paris
Frames: Ariskea – Petite Paris
Curtain: Half+Deer
Bed: Stockholm&Lima @FaMESHed
Pillows: Stockholm&Lima @FaMESHed
Manequin: zerkalo @The Gacha Garden
Boxes: zerkalo @The Gacha Garden
Bordcage: zerkalo @The Gacha Garden
Table: zerkalo @The Gacha Garden
Roses: Zerkalo @The Gacha Garden
Office Set: Fancy Decor @Monsieur Chic
Rug: Fancy Decor @Monsieur Chic
Blue Rug: Kalopsia @K9
Clock: Kalopsia
Frimousse Deco: Azoury


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