Partners in crime/ Hello! The Arcade

Partners in crime.jpg

Check Maite’s credits here


Outfit: Tsg Delinquent (Coming Soon @TheArcade)

Shoes: Ingenue (Coming Soon @TheArcade)



Gloves: Tsg Delinquent (Coming Soon @TheArcade)

Bag: Tsg Delinquent (Coming Soon @TheArcade)

Cigar: Tsg Delinquent (Coming Soon @TheArcade)

Headphone: Bueno (Coming Soon @TheArcade)


Hair: Little Bones Lo @Uber

Hair: Skin: Vco

Lips: Vco


Trash, Boxes, Spilled Paint, Dishes, Takeout Boxes: Second Spaces (Coming Soon @TheArcade)

Building, Ice Cream Machine, Delivery Boxes: DRD (Coming Soon @TheArcade)

Hanging Lights, Daily Menu, Storage Cabinet, Cook Books, Plates, Bowls, Cups, Eat Sign: Pixel Mode (Coming Soon @TheArcade)

Paper Balls, Paper: Sorgo (Coming Soon @TheArcade)

Toppings, Register:Fancy  Decor

Body: Xin


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