Never Close Your Eyes

Never close your eyes.jpg


Dress: Kitja Lavinia @Fameshed

Boots: Essenz Pennsylvania


Mask: Ariskea @WCF

Necklace: Ariskea @WCF


Hair: Olive Glitter Roots @TheArcade

Skin: More More

Lips: Nyam Nyam

LipsApp: More More


Piano, Chandelier, Piano Stool, Half-Moon Table, Music Book, Ground Frames, Candle Display: Fancy Decor @TheArcade

Makeup Pouch, Perfume Display, Rabbit Lamp, Pearl Vase, Vintage Chair, Owl Trio, Mannequin Head, Makeup Valet: David Heather @TheArcade

Books, Piano Vase, Perfume Tray, Jewel Boxes, Side Table, Faux Rug, Bella Mirror: Aria @TheArcade

Building, Wall Clock, Hanging Lights, Potted Quince, Frames, Making of, Wardrobe, Curtains, Ivys, Dollie Rugs: Ariskea @TheArcade


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