Take me there

Take me there.jpg


Dress: Candydoll Shorty Dress

Shoes: Fri. Macey


Bag: Le Primtif @The Arcade


Hair: Atomic @TheArcade

Skin: More More

Lips: Nyam Nyam

LipsApp: More More


Abandoned Wirehouse: *ionic* @TC4
Ticket Booth: *ionic* @TC4
Table and Chairs: *ionic* @TC4
Adventure Sign: *ionic* @TC4
Old Cabins Cablewall: *ionic* @TC4
Old Swing: *ionic* @TC4
Swan Boat: *ionic* @TC4
Iron Grid: Remarkable Oblivion @The Arcade
The Ace: Remarkable Oblivion @The Arcade
Wall with Tires: Remarkable Oblivion @The Arcade
Suitcase Chair: Trompe Loeil @The Arcade
Ladder: random.Matter @The Arcade
Candelabrum: random.Matter @The Arcade
Quil: random.Matter @The Arcade
Book Stack: random.Matter @The Arcade
Chair: random.Matter @The Arcade
Chandelier: random.Matter @The Arcade
Empty Boxes: Second Spaces @The Arcade
Trash: Second Spaces @The Arcade
Trash (Bottles): DRD @The Arcade
Posters: DRD @The Arcade
Flower Chair: keke @The Arcade
Pinball: DRD


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