Light Years

Light Years.jpg


Dress: Fame Femme @6thRepublic

Shoes: Essenz @6thRepublic


Hair: Elua @6thRepublic

Head: Fiore

Body: Maitreya Lara Mesh Body


Sofa, ArmChairs, Crate: BelleEquipe @6thRepublic

Plant(white pot), Plant(little), Side Desk, Ceramic Pots, Painting, Magazines Tabble, Chandelier, Rug: Bazar @6thRepublic

Stool: MudHoney @6thRepublic

Fashion Bag: Fame Femme @6thRepublic

Deco Window, Sound System: Id @6thRepublic

Macarron Bag, Desk Decor: Notsobad @6thRepublic

Stool, Wall Lamps: Th Decor @6thRepublic

BeerMug, Coffe, Cinnamon Roll: MadPea @6thRepublic

Building: ILO @6thRepublic


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